Yuval Ayalon

Performing Artist – Handbalancer – Acrobat – Gymnast – Handstand Teacher

A circus and acrobatics performer, Yuval is an experienced handbalancing artist with 10 years under his belt. Over 3000 shows performed, his balancing prowess captivates audiences across the globe, most notably in the shining and prestigious stage, La Reve in Las Vegas. Yuval initiated his path in competitive Gymnastics in Israel,USA and Denmark earning him the Israeli All-star champion in 1996 among other recognitions, before a starring career on the performing stage .

After 8 years of unique and challenging hand balancing in front of audiences, the artist had then dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge to the audiences themselves.

The newfound passion of teaching has led him across the world seeking and sharing his passion with like minded and new balancers alike.