Devin Kelley

Movement Practitioner

Devin Kelley is a practitioner of movement and mindfulness. Developed from a diversity of disciplines and perspectives, his approach is principle centered, with a heavy focus on critical thinking and adaptable application. Here is a bit of the background that contributed to the formation of his approach. For five years he studied philosophy and religions in university, with a minor focus in psychology.During this period he also worked as an official tutor for the university in standard logic and analytic reasoning.These fields of study helped form the foundation of what he now practice, teach, and the way he engages with that process.

Following his years in University he went deep into the study of yoga in various traditions with a specific focus on the psycho-emotional component of practice, and its capacity to modify self-perception and behavioral traits. After his introduction to the work of Ido Portal and his generalist movement approach, Devin Kelley’s interest expanded to studies in a multitude of mindfulness and movement practice modalities: zazen, vipassana, cognitive therapy, gymnastics, strength training, mobility, hand balance, martial arts, dance and flow work, calisthenics, and an on and on.

Devin Kelley’s mission is for practitioners to leave his events better equipped to create self-driven, individualized, intelligent practice for themselves and others. From the start students will be pushed to think deeply about why and how they are shaping practice, as opposed to being given answers in the form ‘information’ and ‘protocols’ to follow mindlessly.As such Devin Kelley’s events are well suited for sincere practitioners, teachers, and coaches (sincere does not mean fancy or highly skilled) who are ready to learn how to utilize their practice modalities in order to distill, extract, and apply.