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Nirvana Strength Bali is the perfect place to Train, Recover, and Relax in Bali. Start your journey learning about your body with fundamentals that will build a strong foundation of strength, flexibility, and mobility in your joints and throughout your body. We strives to give you the best experience in your fitness journey. And here are our All-in packages for you to enjoy your fitness holiday in this island of Gods. From room accomodation, full membership, meal and beverages at The Podium Cafe, until recovery treatments are all set in these 4 packages.

Keep your 2019 journey going in the right direction! Learn your body with fundamentals together with us. Build a strong foundation of strength, flexibility and mobility in your joint and throughout your body while enjoying the beauty of Bali. Select the retreat package that suits you the best and catch up with those who have the same focus on increasing their level of performance!

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