What You Will Learn

    • Study in specificity and scaling through pulling progressions toward the One Arm Chin-up

Understanding programming can be a challenging and long process, and for many a source of confusion. Most waste a lot of time on poor methodology, over-complicated systems, or hesitantly flip-flopping between approaches. The aim of this course is to use progressions and scaling for the one arm chinup in order to explore simple and clear insights into strength programming that have broad applicability and produce consistent results for a wide range of individuals.

    • Handstand Press Masterclass (for all levels). Exploring approaches to technical skill acquisition.

This course utilizes a highly sought after skill, handstand presses, to explore how we progress technical proficiency in a range of areas. We will discuss how to assess mobility and strength requirements for a skill, widely applicable approaches of technical learning, and what it looks like to apply this understanding to scaling and progressing variations of the handstand press.

    • Object manipulation for development of attributes: coordination, rhythm, accuracy, left/right brain.

In this class we will find creative uses for tennis balls in order to demonstrate a different side of the learning process. Whereas the one arm chinup is almost pure strength, and the handstand press is a mix of both strength and technical skill, the focus of this class is to bring the focus to pure technical skill.

    • Mobility Workshop: incorporating mobility principles into strength training through both evidence based perspectives and interactive play.

The focus of this class is split between two ends of the practice spectrum: individual measured procedure, and interactive play. While these two modes of development are not mutually exclusive and can effectively overlap, can be helpful to study the differences between these approaches to highlight their strengths and weaknesses. The intention of this segment is to help students intelligently use BOTH approaches to develop lasting, safe mobility in ways that suit their individual bodies and practices.