2-Day Breathwork Workshop with Dylan Werner


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Get your spot for Dylan Werner’s Workshop on Increasing Athletic Performance through Breathwork!
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This two-day event focuses on utilizing breathwork to increase Athletic performance. Some of the topics we will concentrate on include:

  • VO2 Max
  • The physiological effects of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxygen (O2), and Nitric Oxide (NO) in relation to athletic performance.
  • The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and how to use the breath to control and elicit desired physiological responses.
  • The Poly Vagal Theory
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Respiratory anatomy and the muscles of respiration
  • The components of breathing
  • Effects of Over-breathing and Under-breathing
  • Simulated High Altitude Training through Breathwork
  • Breathing exercises to increase CO2 tolerance, vital capacity, VO2 Max and cardiorespiratory fitness, strengthen respiratory muscles, decrease respiratory effort, increase NO, regulate the ANS, develop respiratory dexterity

Plus, more!

The course will be divided into four two-hour modules, each module beginning with a 30-to-45-minute guided sequenced breathing practice, starting with beginner and intermediate exercises on day one, and hard and advanced techniques on day two. In-depth lectures with a visual presentation will follow breathing practices for each module.

Note from Dylan: This event is open to all levels. No previous breathwork experience or practice is needed. Please bring something to take notes with. I recommend that you not eat at least four hours before the event. Any food or liquid in the stomach can make some exercises uncomfortable and challenging.

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