What is hypermobility? Hypermobility is inherently a condition where the joints have an above average range of motion (ROM), also known as being ‘Double Jointed’. It’s typically perceived as the complete opposite of being generally “tight”. However, instability and strength CAN be an obstacle for your joints as the laxity in the joints can welcome an excessive force that is too much to handle…

— Here are a few ways where you can manage hypermobility in your training.

1. Active Flexibility Training

Slow tempo (slow pace) and isometric holds (holding in different positions in drills) will help strengthen your whole joint’s ROM . Engaging your muscles throughout the range will be initially wobbly and hard, but lowering the weight and progressions to your current ability will go a long way.

2. Hyperextension + End Range Training

Hyperextension happens when the joints goes beyond the average or stable point of your ROM. Training strength and active flexibility as mentioned above, moving and stopping just before you hyperextend your joints (the end range of the joint) will become beneficial to help maintain engagement of the muscles surrounding the joint and equalize the mechanical pressure on the tendons and ligaments rather than one over the other. However once that has developed sufficient stability and strength to counter the laxity in the joint(s), training at the end range of your joints (hyperextended range in this context) can further help build the ligament strength in the joint with isometric holds or paused style training.

3. Active Stretching

There is a time and place for passive stretching, yet with hypermobility, the shift of the stress in ligaments unsupported by the tendons and muscles can be too great to manage. This includes all of the mentioned style of training above that can be replicated in stretching. Engaging the muscles in a static stretch or a dynamic stretch will help master the strength of your ROM that you already have whilst having the stretch effect on the muscles.

With that, hypermobility is not an issue, just another condition of the human experience. So your training may be different, but the goal of being strong, mobile and fluid can still be the same. In the addition of Nirvana Strength’s mobility classes, training your joints to be flexible and strong can become a reality wherever you are.