Stop Waiting for Normal and Start Creating better habits

Throughout the history of man there has never been a time that would be considered “Normal”. The only constant in life, in nature is change. Everything that happens is normal. There is nothing unusual about anything that has happened. Life is as life is and the only surprise in it is that we as individuals are surprised by it.

There are many things that you would rather not be doing. Is having or not having certain things “normal” or are they just the way they are supposed to be. Now is the present moment and there is no waiting for “it” to end. By looking into the past and studying our history, it gives you the perspective you need to understand the current situation for what it is. Things in our life may not go as planned and our projections have very little impact on time. There’s nothing to take personally. Life is hard and history shows this. No matter how hard it is, we always have a choice. What matters is right now, accept it and make the most of it. 

Think Small and Long Term

Each day is an opportunity to grow as a human and fortify yourself against the greater challenges that life will inevitably present you. One thing each day is the path to improvement. Consistency, incremental changes, and persistency in your endeavours. Build them with little actions, and fuel the creation of new and ever better habits. The sooner you start, the better you will feel about where you are. 

Be mindful of plateaus in life. Just because something takes longer than we’d like, it doesn’t mean that your efforts are going to waste. Like in training, most of the important work—the build up of our foundations—may not seem like it’s leading to anything, but it is. The first, smaller parts take time and effort. Any goals we have will take time and effort to accomplish, and beginning it will most likely be harder than finishing. 

We have to keep going, because habits and hard work compound. Greatness will come with repeated mindful effort. 

Develop small actions and use good habits to push bad habits out

Perform actions that reinforce the kind of person that you want to be. Start by performing smaller actions each day that lead to bigger actions later. We become what we do and so we must develop these habits each day to ensure we are on the right path.

Break your pattern and stop the continuous progress of negative thoughts and actions. When a bad habit reveals itself, counteract it with a commitment to an opposite action.

Build A Routine and use motivators

Order and not complete freedom is a prerequisite of excellence. In an unpredictable life, a good routine is a place of certainty. When you have a routine, disruptions give you less worry. Use order and routine to build greater levels of clarity. When things are in a state of chaos, it is when we need our routines more than ever. Examples of a routine would be to; get up early, be purposeful in your intentions and actions. Executing a proper nutrition and exercise plan. Organize your house and being in tentful in dealing with challenges or projects that have accrued. Seek out opportunities to develop self-mastery and resiliency by actively setting challenges for yourself.

Use Reminders and choose your surroundings carefully

Reminders are powerful and they will make you better. They can serve as a tool to keep from sliding backwards. Those in which we surround ourselves with have a great deal of influence on us and who we will become. Your life comes to reflect your environment, who you hang out with, what you read and watch, how you think about things. 

Be mindful of your surroundings as they will dictate who you become.