Struggling to get post-lockdown momentum? Lost muscle tone? Has the festive-season smashed your hard earned gains?

To help you hit the ground running in 2022, we’ve developed a unique, online program to elevate your total fitness game. 

The challenge begins on the 31st January 2022 and wraps up on the 28th Feb 2022!

Want to look hot naked (again) ?
Join your fellow Nirvana tribe-members in the 30-day challenge!


We know the lockdowns and what seems like a perpetual run of stop-starts over the last year have thrown people off their fitness game. A fair few of our tribe have mentioned been it’s been tough to maintain momentum and, you may also be feeling a bit sub par.

In answer, we’ve developed a unique challenge that everyone can participate in. From beginner to advanced, our 100% online program is tailored to your needs and lifestyle; designed to work at a pace that both suits and challenges you.

We’ll help you become stronger, build muscle, improve definition, increase flexibility and significantly increase your fitness.

Of course, you could coast through another 6 months and try to stick to that New Years Resolution (how’s that going BTW?) on your own. Or, get those gains back by joining us and starting 2022 on a strong footing… Life can get in the way but there’s nothing more important than a healthy body and mind. Agree? The Challenge begins Jan 31st 2022 and runs until 28th Feb 2022.

"The improvement in my strength and how I feel in my body is insane. I'm ready for anything that comes across my path in day-to-day life and you can't put a price on that." (SG, 2021)



Whether it be getting back in shape, shedding a few kilograms or beating your personal best, there is no doubt of the connection between mind and body.

Simply put, there is much more to fitness than well-toned muscles and a hot bod. Just doing a bunch of reps without also managing your habits and mental attitude may be the difference between you reaching your goals or not…

However, with The Nirvana 30-day Challenge, you’ll get access to our globally recognised, holistic approach. With proper programming, consistency, and motivation you will see incredible results.

As an added bonus, invite a friend to do the challenge with you and they will have access to the entire program for FREE! Yes, FREE!

Applying ‘time under tension’ to our range of repetitions gives great results you’ll see and feel.

We’ll show you how to train with intensity, focus and correct form.

Day-to-day, our habits mold a our lifestyles and form who we are.

This program will help you find and apply a holistic approach that is essential to your overall health.

A varied and balanced food regime is vital to help you reach your challenge goals.

This program will encompass a wide range of dietary strategies and tactics to do just that!

Incorporating exercise, nutrition and valuable habits with a strong mindset focus.

You will find our program leave you with long lasting transformations.

“I am very grateful to have met a coach as great as Ian. As a dancer and instructor, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of my flexibility, mobility, and strength.

All this to perform better as well as desiring a finer physique. The transformations I have seen and felt with Ian’s PT sessions are absolutely incredible!

I truly appreciate all the motivation and mastery he has shared with me which has really pushed me in so many levels of greatness; mind, body, and soul.

A greater awareness I have achieved with my own body and muscle work. Much love and appreciation.” (SC, 2021)

For less than USD $13 a day, you can join in on the 30-day challenge! Plus, if you want your bestie to join in and get fit with you, we’ll organise FREE access for them as well.

Just make sure to use the code FRIENDFREE when you complete your registration.


Who Is It Suitable For?

This Challenge is for everyone; beginner to advanced, anyone who wants to be stronger, build muscle,improve definition, increase flexibility and significantly increase your overall level of fitness.

WHAT'S The Schedule?

This is 5 days a week,with 1 day bonus training throughout a 4 week program, ranging from bodyweight strength to training with dumbbells.

The POWER & STRENGTH Programs are tailored with the workouts being time or reps based,focusing on working at a pace that suits and challenges you. It’s up to you to train with intensity,focus and correct form.

What Type Of Exercise Should I Expect?

The 4 week program will involve many movements that will be repeated for a number of sets to get great results.

All workouts are between 30 to 60 minutes, excluding the warm up & cool down. There will be a link to a suitable warm up for you to do before each workout.

What's Included?

  • 4 weeks of Dumbbell daily workout
  • Movement Demonstration Library
  • Video Tutorial of each movement
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Pre- & Post- Assessment Test
  • Bonus: Mobility & Pre-Hab workout

Plus EXCLUSIVE Support!!

  • Access to Facebook Private Group
  • Daily Action Plan video
  • Daily Check-Ins
  • Weekly Live Masterclass
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Online Fitness Coaching Platform

All That? Must Be Expensive...


For less than USD $13 a day, you’ll get all the above PLUS your buddy can have complimentary access and train with you for entire program. So essentially, you can get access for two people, for the price of one.*

*Offer is limited to the 1st 50 registrations.




Some say the 1st step is the hardest.

However, we have made the process really easy for you!

Simply fill out your details in the form and you’ll be guided through the registration steps (5 minutes, max)


Once you have entered your payment details, you’ll receive:

  • An email with a welcome & orientation video
  • Access to our mobile friendly, online training platform
  • Access to our facebook support group and 24/7 support contacts.
  • Downloadable workout action plan & progress trackers
  • Complete program structure guide to assist you with planning, equipment needed, meals and tracking your progress.


Now you have all the information to start your 30 day challenge, you can:

  • Book in your initial assessment with one of coaches
  • Using our structure, plan your workouts around your routine
  • Plan your additional activities to keep you moving (plenty of ideas available for you)
  • Prepare your essential equipment (2 pairs of dumbbells, one pair lighter, the other pair heavier)
  • Log in to the online platform and the Private Facebook group


Ok, so now you are ready to commence the challenge!

  • Have an initial assessment with one of our coaches to help you set attainable goals
  • Take an initial progress photo for tracking your improvements
  • Undertake your daily workouts (30 to 60 minutes per session)
  • Take part in the optional weekly masterclass with our Pro-trainers
  • Get plenty of support from your cohort on the facebook group, online movements library

“I have too many injuries to name, and they’re only getting worse. Training with Jonson as well as with Iain’s rehab classes (and Nirvana’s food too!), somehow I emerged after 6 weeks not only injury-free but stronger from the inside out than I’d ever been.

Jonson built me a back I’d never had and never thought I could have. All the muscles and exercises and techniques that just aren’t covered in a regular gym or by regular trainers. My only regret is that I couldn’t spend any longer there! (B, 2021)

Sounding Good So Far?

Fill in your details and you’ll be guided through the next steps – get your credit card ready!


Ian MacLeod

A former athlete, Ian is redefining health and wellness through his innovative approach to performance based training.

With mindfulness and longevity at the core, Ian’s coaching ensures that each training program is adaptable to each individual to allow for optimal wellness in strength and flexibility training.

Through the upper and lower body mobility sessions you will experience throughout this challenge, you will progressively gain more freedom of movement and rid yourself of those nagging aches and pains.

Learn to take a mindful approach to your training by focusing on increasing flexibility and end range strength in a safe and effective manner.

Jonson Tan

During his university years, Jonson spent a great deal of time training, studying, and researching fitness. After University, Jonson proceeded to apply his knowledge coaching general population clients and competitive athletes.

After years in the trenches and having helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals, Jonson will guide you through the best practices that will help you live your best life!

Jonson believes that everyone has the capability to live their best life, they just don’t know how to yet. Making a change and taking charge of your life may seem daunting if not overwhelming.

You will save yourself months if not years of trial an error as Jonson walks you through effective lifestyle and nutrition protocols and shows you how simple this process can be.

Everyone has a starting point, it does not matter where that is, just as long as we start!

Jenn Mulianto

Jenn is a Strength and Conditioning Coach with extensive experience inspiring others to commit to long-term health and fitness goals.

She has strong understanding of sports performance & nutrition which promote activities and coping methods that transform unhealthy habits and fuel healthy minds and bodies.

Through her dynamic personality and excellent communication skills, Jenn established trusting relationships with all her athletes and assist them to set and achieve continually escalating objectives.