For Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and freelancers living location independently. An opportunity to meet other like-minded people, share ideas, broaden our horizons share any challenges in our business world.


Noumena is becoming the community hub for a global network of entrepreneurs and freelancers to share ideas, insights, failures and successes.


Wether you’re a serial entrepreneur, freelancer or just curious and want to learn, come and get involved with the amazing Bali community.


First hour: Lightning Talks
Arrive early to take part in the Lightning Talks. It’s a great way to get feedback from a small group. If you later arrive please don’t interrupt the group’s flow.


How it works: We will go around the room and allow each person a 5 minute slot to introduce themselves, what they are working on currently & any wins or challenges they are facing right now.


We will finish with a Q&A until the end of the first hour.


Second hour: Connect & flow
Chance to chat 1-to-1 with some of the folks you met during the first hour or any new faces. Explore themes or topics that are of mutual interest in a relaxed environment. Feel free to rock up for this part only. Drinks & nibbles provided


Free Event by showing your Noumena profile on arrival


🌎 WhatsApp
Any questions – whatsapp to Lauren +62 82146447344


Looking to scale your business?
Businesses are often overlooked by banks and starved of the necessary financial resources they need to grow. At Noumena, together, we can help finance your future. Download our APP and join our network of worldwide entreprenuers.


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