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Wim Hof Breath Workshop

Learn how to control your immune system, access deep meditative states, and experience mental calm and clarity, anytime, anywhere.

Wim Hof Fundamentals Ice Bath Integration Workshop

Learn how to influence your immune system and improve your health dramatically with the famous Wim Hof Method. Experience the breathing technique and ice bath, learn the science and how to apply it all in your daily life for long-lasting health benefits and improvement quality of life.

Richard Ayling

Richard Ayling trained personally with Wim Hof to become one of the first international Wim Hof Method Instructors, having used the method to overcome his autoimmune disease, and combines these techniques with flow state practices to help people and businesses deliver peak performance around the world.

He regularly speaks at international festivals and conferences, and holds workshops specialising in mindset, purpose, breath work and flow. He is fascinated and driven by human growth and potential, and in his coaching helps entrepreneurs and creatives show up as more purpose-driven to have a bigger impact on their businesses, as well as a deeper connection and fulfilment in their personal lives, which ultimately spreads out into everything they do.


IDR1,100,000Including Food Voucher at The Podium