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Nirvana Strength Training Camp 2

Expect to be challenged. 
Mentally and physically, as we take you through the most complete Training Camp Experience. In one of the most complete calisthenics based facilities in the world, Nirvana Strength will welcome four of the best coaches in the industry to take you through a total of 12 three-hour training sessions to not only educate you on what it takes to train at the next level but also how to do it in a smart and effective way that provides the greatest of benefits. The Nirvana Strength Training Camp will incorporate an array of in-house recovery protocols and services in addition, that will maximize your Training Camp experience. For the newly interested, the advanced athletes, the weekend warrior, and even the occasional fitness enthusiast, this Training camp welcomes you to improve all aspects of your training and wellbeing.


Daniel Vadnal
Daniel Vadnal
Andrii Bondarenko
simon ata
devin kelley
Yuval Avalon
yuval ayalon


Nirvana Strength Training Camp Details :

Bali Camp Training run for 9 days 8 nights
Experience that you won’t forget

What Training Camp Includes ?

  • Intense Training – Sessions Led by Coaches
  • Room Accommodation
  • Sensory Devprivation tank with solace
  • Transport to/from Hotel & Gym
  • IV Drip Sessions
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Sessions
  • Massage Sessions
  • Recovery Center
  • All Meals Included
  • Welcome Goodie Bag
  • IV Drips

Starting Price



Twin Shared


Single Queen



epic experience! The quality of coaches is world class and facility is top notch. The training equipment is perfect for training calisthenics (what I focused on) but also generally, for weight training, acrobatics (entire place has cushioned floors), handstands. One of the best parts of training here is that it draws in really dedicated, passionate people who are inspiring to be around and really encourages you yourself to train. In just the 9 days there, I was able to unlock some new skills/milestones in my fitness journey.

The ice bath and recovery facilities were also pretty amazing; this place has it all. Make sure you try everything out to really take advantage of the full experience.

Nirvana Strength is also always packed with Instagram / YouTube influencers, I constantly see this place showing up on my feeds.

It’s truly an amazing place, can’t wait to go back.

Carlo Las Marias, USA

I had a blast spending time there. I was there for a training camp and had the best time ever. The coaches were amazing, the facility is just great, they have everything for recovery (massage, Sauna, pools, ice bath etc)
The got courses for everyone, from beginner to advanced and real athletes! Thank you for everything and see you next year for the next camp!

Nicholas Hämmerle, Austria

One of the best experiences in my career is coming to an end. I have already been able to attend several workshops and training camps of top-class trainers, including luminaries such as Ido portal, but this training camp was different. The trainers, the gym, the participants and athletes, the vibe and the programming – 💯. I have seldom been able to develop so strongly in such a short time. The training was characterized by a lot of detailed work, the will to grow and to work on yourself. Regenerative measures were taken and the food was great too.
I will definitely be back next year.

If any of you are in Bali, then check out the Nirvana Strength in Canggu.

Lorenz Wyludda, Germany

Just had an awesome training camp @nirvanastrength last week.
It was so inspiring to me an I learned even more than I expected ☺️ Many thanks to the coaches @devinpkelley @simonsterstrength @fitnessfaqs @djilieta for their authentic high-level coaching. 🙏
You are not just inspiring athletes and coaches, but also personalities 💯

Many thanks to @ianmac_nsb @jonsontan and their team @nirvanastrength for making such a camp possible 👏

Greetings to all participants of the camp! It was a pleasure to exchange knowledge in all facets of life with you

Kain Bucher, Switzerland

I spent a week interacting and training with some of the best coaches on the planet and a few I’ve looked upto for a very long time.
To say this is a dream come true is an understatement.
Thank you @devinpkelley @djilieta @simonsterstrength and @fitnessfaqs for taking out the time and training us!
And a big thank you to @nirvanastrength for making all this possible!
Till next time!

Sardar Sikandar, Pakistan

It was remarkable how you managed to get together a group of coaches who are known worldwide and are the best at their craft! Daniel is the who started me on this journey, when a year ago, I bought his Body by Rings program.

I found out about Simon when I started breaking (or break-dancing) and I was amazed at how good he was in power-moves and tricks in general.

And what can I say about Devin… he is the kind of teacher you admire and want to stick around, the simplicity on his teachings and all the philosophy he injects on his practice made me second guess my goals and perspectives about movement practice.

The craziest thing of it all is that you can actually feel the love in the atmosphere, and more than a gym you have created a family, a culture.

Christian Alvarez, Mexico

It was a humbling experience to train in the presence of the coaches (@simonsterstrength @fitnessfaqs @devinpkelley @djilieta) and all the amazing athletes. Never seen this much talent packed into a single gym. Really put into perspective the areas in my training that I need to bring up more, mainly my flexibility and mobility. My limited range is what is currently preventing certain skills from being accessible to me. Learned a lot of drills and stretches that i will now be incorporating into my everyday workouts.

Thanks to Nirvana Strength Staff (@ianmac_nsb, @jonsontan, Liam and others) for going above and beyond to make it such a stress-free experience for all athletes. We were all taken care of and free to purely focus on our training. Thanks to all photographers for providing us these amazing photos.

Lastly, thanks to all the friends that I met in Bali for making my solo trip and 30th birthday even more memorable.

Li Xi, United States

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– Flights not Included
– For further information please see Terms & Conditions
– Airport Transport can be arranged at 300K (Pick Up/Return)