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Intro to Hand to Hand with Mish Virata

This workshop is designed for beginners looking to learn how to base, fly, and spot, foundational partner acrobatic skills of foot-to-hand and hand-to-hand. We will go in-depth on technique such as hand grip, alignment, and correcting imbalances. You can expect to leave with a deeper understanding of progressions towards higher level standing acrobatic movements and safe practices for long term health in training
Come solo and make new friends or bring a partner and discover a new way of balance and connection!

Coach Background

Mish Virata is a partner acrobatics coach that helps adults connect through play. She believes tapping into your inner child leads to freedom of self-expression, and by exploring authentic movements with a partner, individuals develop courage while building trust.
Her empowering workshops are designed to be playful and fun. With a technique-focused teaching style, she builds upon each practitioner’s strengths, making partner work seemingly effortless.

Originally from Philadelphia, Mish currently shares her passion for connection in movement in her home base of Bali. When she’s not training or leading international workshops, she’s perfecting her V60 pour-overs and practicing creative photography.

Mish Virata

What you will learn?

Participants will learn how to base, fly, and spot the foundational partner acrobatic skills on progression to standing foot to hand and hand to hand. They will learn different entrances, exits, and balance technique

Skills Covered :

  • Foundational standing acrobatics skills
  • Hand grip and balance alignments
  • Progression to foot to hand and hand to hand
  • Cue and instructions for spotting