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Wu ChuanFu, a former weightlifter of the Chinese national team and currently the head coach for the Singapore contingent. With combined experiences of over 20 years as both athlete and coach, Wu’s mission is to educate and enable individuals and coaches with the Chinese methodology of movement and technique for weightlifting as a sport, an accessory training component, or as a recreational activity.

Leveraging Coach Wu’s extensive knowledge of the art of Chinese weightlifting, this seminar is tailored to cater to varying levels of proficiency and each individual’s unique attributes
In his competing days, Coach Wu was trained by Coach Yujie who also produced other top athletes including Liao Hui, Lu Xiaojun and Tian Tao and held a personal best of a 157kg snatch and 190kg clean & jerk as a 69kg athlete.


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If you are serious about improving your Olympic weightlifting or wanting to learn about the intricacies of the sport, look no further than this seminar.
The seminar is a welcoming environment for beginners and experienced athletes alike and will equip you with the fundamentals of Chinese weightlifting, leveraging Coach Wu’s extensive knowledge training with the national team.
Expect to Eat, Train and Recover like athletes and experience a like-minded community unlike any other. you will experience the following:

  • Two training sessions that will equip you with the Chinese approach to the snatch and clean & jerk
  • Understand routines used by the Chinese national team including stretches, recovery, mobility, periodization as well as programming
  • Match a style to your body anatomy and discover what you need to improve on
  • Theoretical aspects to the Chinese methodology and what makes it different