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Nonviolent Communications

Nonviolent Communication

July 28 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm


Sunday Practitioners’ Panel

Nonviolent Communication

Meet your needs by being honest, empathic and staying true toyour boundaries with the skill of nonviolent communicationAre you able to get your needs met without fighting, conflict or feeling guilty?Can you state your boundaries and say “No” when something bothers you? Ordo you always put the needs of others before yourself? That is, until you explodeabout something small, hurt the people you love and feel like an asshole or bitchafterwards?Or perhaps the opposite is true ?Do you have a hard time to take the needs of the other into account? Do you getstuck in conflicts where you want to “be right” at all costs? Even if it means youhurt the other deeply after which you fall back into a guilt trip.What if there is a different way of communicating that gets both of our needsmet and resolve conflicts without having to resort to criticism and judgment?There is a way that brings everyone a sense of fulfillment, connection and withtheir self-respect intact. This is the path of Nonviolent Communication.

What you will learn :

  • Resolve chronic conflict.
  • Learn how to stay present and in control in emotionally intense situations
  • Get clear and take ownership over your emotions, needs and wants
  • Stop to judge, blame, pressure, threaten, punish and hurt others andyourself in the hope to improve life
  • Transform fighting over disagreements into opportunities to improve bothyour lives and the connection with others AND yourself
  • Create more mutual understanding, empathy and forgiveness of othersand yourself
  • Forget feeling guilty about expressing your boundaries, unfulfilled needsand requesting certain behaviors


IDR1,100,000Included 100K food voucher at The Podium Cafe

With Guest Attendee

Nico Veressen

Nico Veressen

After a 15 year long career as a professional fighter (5 x Belgian, Benelux, European and vice World Champion Muay Thai) and 2 years as an assistant professor Research Methodology in Psychology at the Free University of Brussels, Nico worked as a psychophysical performance coach and relaxation therapist. Initially, he helped people with evidence-based psychological counseling and hypnosis to improve their performance, prevent or overcome burnout / overtraining. In this work, Nico found that one of the biggest stressors in the lives of executives and entrepreneurs could be found in their personal life. In this way, his work started to move in the direction of relationship and intimacy coaching for exceptional people.

After 2 years,  he got offered a position as the head coach of a professional Mixed Martial Arts gym in Bali. But after a successful year (Prepared Tiffany van Soest and helped Aleide Lawant for their world titles), it became clear that his old passion didn’t fulfill him anymore. 

So he founded The Authentic Desire to help exceptional couples, women, and men to get sensational sex, monumental love and make more money.