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Dominic and Antoinette have come together to merge bodyweight Raw- movement and Mobility = Raw-Bility.

The workshop focus is in learning exercises, programming and direction to achieving more recruitment of our core in order to produce more force. To train gravity defying static holds and explosive power in acrobatics/freestyle and weightlifting. With force comes tension, so the balance of mobility comes in to provide longevity to traning and a healthy state of joints after applying such demand on them.

Meet The Expert


WCO Coach/ Holistic & Primal Nutritionist Coach

Dominic of Origins Of Vitality is a WCO street sports coach, teaching weekly classes for calisthenics in the UK and internationally focused classes. From a competitive athlete, suffering major wrists accident in competition, to 3 years coaching others to get past their physical limitations. Emphasis on building students body’s up through the core, creating better neuromuscular function to build strength for all movement disciplines needing maximal force production. Helping students connect their TVA to all movements, programming core into their disciplines. Also specializing in recovery through nutrition and holistic lifestyle choices.


Yoga/ Mobility strength conditioning

Antoinette teaches multiple classes a week to diverse ranges of physical limitations and mobility goals, from young athletes to the elderly needing more space in their joints. Yoga trained and inspired for elegant poses, but with a focal point of strength in all ranges of the body’s joints. Helping students understand the meaning of strength for mobility, correcting muscle length to muscle tension balance.

Her most popular work has been teaching how to train the splits correctly and programming splits safely into their training schedules. Analyzing unique student issues that must be corrected before pushing the limits of strength and flexibility.


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