Daniel Vadnal
Daniel VadnalFitnessFAQs

Daniel Vadnal is a Calisthenics Expert, Physiotherapist and YouTube Influencer. He is the owner of FitnessFAQs, the industry leader in calisthenics education. With over 800k Subscribers and 80 Million views, numbers don’t lie. Daniel’s scientific calisthenics method is in high demand with workshops being run worldwide.

You will learn how to:
Progress exercises from easy to hard
Learn a variety of strength skills
Create a bodyweight workout program
Prevent injury by bulletproofing weak areas

Strength Skills:
Daniel will guide you through the most important exercises for progressing from beginner to advanced:
Basic Chinup to One Arm Chinup
Basic Pushup to Handstand Pushup
Muscle up
Pistol Squat
Planche / Front Lever