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Deliberate Practice

The highest standard at which anyone learning a skill should aspire is deliberate practice. With regards to performance, have a specific target. Be as specific as possible to improve most efficiently with a higher level [...]

Understanding Importance of Sleep

Understanding Importance of Sleep What is Sleep? Sleep is an important part of our daily routine, you spend one third of your day asleep. Without sleep we cannot form or maintain the pathways to [...]

Mindset – Behavior Change

UNDERSTAND BEHAVIOR CHANGE All the best information in the world doesn’t mean anything if you are unable to implement them. Application of knowledge is not automatic. Think about all the things that you already [...]

Build Shoulder Strength

Recognize shoulder issues and gain greater movement The strain and stress of everyday life can cause shoulder pain as we ask our shoulders to press, pull, lift, reach and hold. It is necessary to build [...]

Tempo Training

Time Under Tension: one of the most important loading parameters   Rep Tempo (Time Under Tension) affects all the others. Speed of contraction is the rate of movement of the involved body parts. It can [...]


OUR WORKOUTS SHOULD REFLECT OUR GOALS   Everyone’s thinking about their goals and intentions, so it is helpful to ask yourself, “What are my goals for my body?” Our workouts should reflect our goals. Do [...]


Why and Where to Train in Bali Gymnastic Strength Training and Olympic Weightlifting Retreats Nirvana Strength Bali is the perfect place to Train, Recover, and Relax. Start or Continue your fitness journey learning about your [...]

Train and Strive To Be Your True Self

Performance Training For Your Sport, Activity, And Life   Who are we?   Nirvana Strength Bali is the perfect place for you to focus on performance training that will help you improve your weaknesses and [...]

Increase Performance through Dry Sauna Use

Boost Your Endurance and Improve Heart Function With Dry Sauna Use At Nirvana Strength Bali Hyperthermic Conditioning (HTC) Boosts Your Health and Athletic Performance When you are in a sauna, you go through a number [...]

Handstands Guide Part 1

Handstands Handstands represent the amazing blend of strength, balance, and body control that we aspire to. We all should strive for more efficient and effective workouts that fit the lives we lead. Achieve Handstands with [...]

Get Started And Build Your Body

Build Strength, Flexibility, and Muscular Control through Calisthenics. The main areas we focus on: Strength, Flexibility, and Muscular Control, comprise the whole of physical fitness and knowing how to work them will solve many of [...]