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Nirvana Strength Training Camp 2

October 10, 2022 - October 18, 2022

Fitness Retreat
Fitness Retreat

A centre of excellence and the Island of the Gods. Combine those two and you do not just get the typical holiday retreat — you get the ultimate retreat experience. Nirvana Strength strives for excellence, for you and for everyone. A retreat experience like no other, The Nirvana Strength Retreat promises an actionable path for your physical training, your mental health, your recovery, and ultimately your longevity. Do more and live more, to the best version of yourself.

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“I travel the world teaching workshops and seminars so I have seen many gyms and training facilities across many countries and continents.
Nirvana Strength has been one of the best facilities I have ever been to. It’s basically set up so you never have to go anywhere else.
Lots of space and top-notch equipment mean you can always get a good training session in whether you are into weights or gymnastics strength training.
Then you can relax in the sauna and hot/cold tubs to recover. After training, you can order some food from the cafe, which was quite good with generous portions.

I highly recommend checkout out Nirvana Strength and taking some classes if you find yourself visiting Canggu”

Yuri Marmerstein - Professional Acrobat, United States

“As a professional athlete, I struggled to find a place in Bali for my recovery after high intensity trainings, until I find out about Nirvana Strength. In my opinion this is the best place in Bali for strength and mobility training.
Great facilities, cleanliness on very high level, great stuff, top location, swimming pool, sauna, hot & cold whirlpool, oxygen chambers, physio equipments etc etc etc… the place that has it all!”

Ilija Spasojevic - Professional Athlete, Indonesia

“When I arrive in this very beautiful and modern facility, I was surprised. It’s very big, with many activities and very kind owners. I was practicing there and did some classes in Nirvana. I was so happy with my experience there. They have the best coaches and very professional people working there. I will be back there soon ! I’m in love with Nirvana ❤️”

Yulya Mihailova - Circus Performer, Russia

“Great atmosphere, awesome welcoming staff that goes out of their ways to ensure you’re happy on every visit. Great coaches & classes that cover every area of training so there’s a class suited to every goal you may have.
With regular workshops hosted at Nirvana, you’re walking away with a wealth of knowledge and tools!
Excellent ice/hot pool and regular pool, with sauna, clean and well looked after and to finish off after you have trained, podiums food is delicious!!

Antoinette Weatherley - Mobility Coach, United Kingdom

“Trained here for one day and all i know is I want to keep on coming back. The staff was amazing and the trainers really went out of their way to help me out.
On top of that I tried an ice bath for the first time today and it was amazing! will definitely keep on coming back.”

Mike Vestil - Entrepeneur, United States

“Best gym in Bali, everything you need for weightlifting, Calisthenics and much much more! Recovery aids such as ice bath, sauna, hot tub. Chill out area with infinity pool. Amazing coaches and equipment, clean and enjoyable!”

Dominic Rapson - Calisthenics Coach, United Kingdom

“I was a professional fighter for 10 plus years but Nirvana allowed me to feel like a newbie again. Epic eye for detail & movement improvement”

Nico Verresen - Professional Fighter, Belgium